Rammstein Fan HUB


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1: Don't ask to be God! We dont want to receive any request of getting other rank in hub but that one which you already have. "Can i be OP/VIP?" is heavily punished. (Permanent ban)

2: Behave in main! We do NOT accept any scandalous, unmannered and unpolite words to none of our users. That one who breaks this rule will be banned for 2 days. After he/she is allowed to come back and he/she breaks this rule again, he/she gets permanent ban.

3: Don't share forbidden Porns! Forbidden porns are following: zoophilia, animal fucking, raping, incest, children porns. So, be careful with these! If we find any of these kinds of porns into your share, you will NEVER come back to hub. (Permanent ban)

4: Don't share racial stuff! Racial stuff like nazi music, pictures/videos/audios which accuse any religion/country/human race/gender and any other differences between people are strictly forbidden. Break this rule and you're out forever of this hub. (Permanent ban)

5: Don't Fakeshare! We all know how is it when you want to download a file and you can't. Why? It's simple: fakeshare. So, beware fakesharers: This will bring you to the same place where you had been before coming to hub. More exactly: OUT! (Permanent ban)

6: Don't advertise! We aren't a host of any advertise message. So those who like advertising are adviced to do it on another places because we punish this with 10 days ban.

7: No slotlocker allowed! Slotlocker (as it's name says, locks the slot xD) and nobody can download by a locked slot, so i bet you don't like to find out such users. Thats why we forbid this fraud and permanent ban the user with slotlocker.

8. Dont disconnect a OP when he/she wants to download your filelist! The main role of an OP on hub is to check the shares and filelists. You dont want to be stopped while doing something useful for you, don't you? Thats why dont disconnect the OP while he/she is doing his/her duty, else you get kicked out of hub, Second time you get 10 days ban and the third time will not happen anymore, because you get permanent ban!